Scrip Details

Each year we request and encourage all families to participate in the SCRIP program at St. Mary's School to help them earn money toward their tuition.

An agreement contract must be filled out and signed each year.  Money raised will be donated to a specified family for tuition or to the school in general.  Anyone can participate in this program, you do not have to have students enrolled at St. Mary's School!

The SCRIP program is a group of local businesses and national vendors that provide an opportunity to non-profit schools to purchase gift cards and/or certificates for the face dollar amount ant then give that organization a certain percentage to use as they wish.  It is an easy way to raise money for the cost of tuition with each purchase your make. 

Of the SCRIP money earned, 60% of the profit can be used for your tuition and the remaining 40% is used by the school.

Local Scrip Order Form
National Scrip Listing

Holiday Schedule


Last day to order Scrip prior to Christmas is Friday, December 16th by 9:00am.

Orders will not be placed during Christmas Break.


All Orders are due in the office by Friday, 9:00 am.

They will be filled and ready for pick up by the next Friday at 3:00 pm.

*Note – Due to shipping charges on National orders, they may be filled on alternating weeks depending on volume