Welcome to Ms. Riley’s Preschool Class!

Kristin Riley
(507) 430-4515 (Cell)

What’s Happening This Week

Letter: Xx

Focusing on: Caterpillar/Butterflies


May 1-5

April 24-28

April 18-21

My Teaching Philosophy

Children learn through play, observations, music, parents, group work, reward systems, games, friends, watching others.  They learn through running, jumping, skipping, painting, coloring and reading.

Families are the children's first teacher.  The families are the ones who continue education at home and know the children best. Families are role models for children; what children do is influenced by what others have done around them. Children learn processes through social interactions and by seeing and doing. 

Educators' most important job is to understand and help children, whether it is through getting to know the families, assessing individual developmental levels of the children, providing different or new ways of learning and understanding with the curriculum, and knowing the development of children and how children learn.

Hours & Rates

There are two sections:
Pre-Kindergarten (5 year olds) - Meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8am-3pm
Preschool (3-4 year olds) - Meet Tuesday and Thursday 8am to 3pm

Pre-Kindergarten - $57 per week
Preschool: $34 per week
Monday-Friday: $85 per week

Schedule (Tentative)

8:05- Morning Meeting

8:15- Bathroom Break/ Unpack

8:25- Circle Time

8:45- Word Time

9:00- Snack

9:15- Religion

9:30- Free Play/Centers

10:15- HWT: Readiness and Writing

10:30- Story

10:45- HWT: Language and Literacy

11:00- Technology/Phy Ed

11:30- Lunch

12:00- Large Motor Play

12:30- Rest Time

1:00- Quiet/Individual Work

1:30- Crafts/Projects

2:00- HWT: Numbers and Math

2:20- Snack/ Bathroom

2:40-Closing Circle/ Dismissal



*Thursday/Friday- Music 9:30-10:00

* Thursday- Library 9:00-9:30

*Friday- Library 10:00-10:30