Welcome to Music Class!




Make good choices
Use kind words
Show respect
Involve yourself
Care for your room and instruments

Summer Music Fun

Summer is a great time to explore the music around you.  Have your child(ren) listen to sounds in nature, go to a free outside musical performance, or create their own sounds with items around the house.  Encourage your student to share the songs they learned over the school year with you as well.  Have a great summer!

Composer of the Month

Our new composer of the month will be Taylor Swift.  Students are encouraged to bring facts, pictures, music to play, books, or any other related items that might pertain to our composer of the month.  We will share these items in class and display them on our "Composer Fun" bulletin board.  Students that bring items in will receive a small surprise!

Home made Musical Instruments

Have your student create their own musical instruments.  Find ideas on Pinterest or visit your local library and check out books with ideas.  Many instruments can be made with recycled items or things that you find around the house.  Siblings can create a musical band with several different instruments.  Be creative as you wish!