Saint Mary's School is a Catholic institution with classes from prekindergarten to 6th grade that is recognized and supported mainly by Saint Mary's Church of Tracy Minnesota and Immaculate Heart of Mary Church of Currie Minnesota. Our school strives to achieve academic excellence while integrating moral and spiritual values. This is achieved through a strong faith community, development of positive self-concept, open communication, and the integration of Gospel values.

Saint Mary's faith community is soundly rooted in the message of Christ. Our Catholic faith is evident throughout our curriculum and in our positive, nurturing school environment. Our faith is lived out through our celebration of the sacraments, in prayer, and in service toward one another.

In recognizing each student's unique gifts, we strengthen and nurture their self concept. We demonstrate respect for one another and affirm the dignity of each child.

Open communication with parents, community, students, staff, and alumni is key to the strengths and viability of our school.

We are committed to academic excellence. We recognize the individual differences and uniqueness of each child and employ a variety of teaching techniques to help each child reach their highest potential.

Gospel values are integrated throughout our curriculum. Our school is based on the teachings of Christ and His Church. By listening to and acting on the Word of the Gospel, we foster an atmosphere of respect, peace, and justice toward one another.

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